Automated Time Tracking

No more sticky notes or file folders to track down.



Automatic and Flexible

How much time do you spend tracking your time? What if you didn't need to track it manually anymore?

That's why we developed Automated Time Tracking for SimpleLaw. 

The timer starts the second you open a matter. No need to click a start or stop button. Move to a new matter, the timer starts fresh. Return to a matter? The timer picks up where it left off. It's that simple.

Attorneys can select whether the time is billable or not when they open the matter on the SimpleLaw portal. So track your billable - and non-billable - time, automatically.

Knowing how non-billable hours are being spent is the first step to becoming more productive and increasing efficiency. Minimize the administrivia of law firm management. Maximize the time you spend practicing law. 


A Smarter Tracker

Simply click the 'Billable' box to mark the time billable. Don't check that box and the time is tracked as 'Un-Billable'. Enter a description of how the time was spent. No need to try to remember what you did or review if you have tracked all your time. Find a typo or need to make some changes? No problem.

Now that your time is tracked and a description provided, creating an invoice is just a click of a button. 


And, It's Customizable!

We get it. Not everyone wants the same, standard settings. Choose your own reminder interval (which will pop-up on your screen after your specified period of inactivity). If your firm rounds time for billing purposes, you can set that, too.
Maybe you have it so streamlined and easy that you don't want or need automated time tracking. No problem. Just opt-out.
 And there is no additional fee. It's included in your base subscription rate. Efficient, just like you.
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Save Time Tracking Time

  • Automatic Start
  • Billable or Non-Billable Hours
  • Easy Invoice Creation
  • Editable Entries
  • Greater Accuracy & Efficiency
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