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Comprehensive cloud-based case management software platform that's easy to use. Simple.


Efficient. Easy to Use. Accessible.

The average attorney spends the majority of their time on non-billable administrivia. Case management software minimizes that. So why haven't you adopted legal tech?

Take back that time so you can spend more of it practicing law. With SimpleLaw, your productivity and billable hours increase.

  • Potential clients search for and engage attorneys on the same platform where their case is managed.
  • With their secure portal, clients connect with you and see the status of the case, 24/7.
  • Our attorney users say they save 25% of the time previously spent updating clients on their matter.
  • Attorneys have access to on-demand paralegal support, too. Through our exclusive partnership with NALA, subscribing attorneys request paralegal support right through the platform.
  • And of course, SimpleLaw delivers a complete toolbox to manage cases and your practice.
    • Three time-tracking options,
    • Invoice creation,
    • Document management,
    • Online payments with LawPay, and
    • Select integrations.
SimpleLaw has everything you need and not much you don't. One case management software platform to grow and manage your practice and cases. Simple.

Automated Time Tracking

It's never been easier to track your billable (and non-billable) hours.

On-Demand Paralegals

Access to on-demand vetted paralegal support for one doc, one matter, or more. 

Business Development - 24/7

By adding your free profile, clients looking for representation can find and contact you. 

HubSpot Integration

Stay in touch with potential, current, and past clients with the free HubSpot CRM integration.

Seamless Integrations

We take extra steps to ensure our technology integrations are useful and effective for you. 

Secure Collaboration Portals

Quickly and efficiently share details with clients, co-counsel, & on-demand paralegals.

Billing & Payments

Create and track invoices, accept client payments online and improve your cash flow.

Legal Document Management

We don't save your documents. Retain control and increase data security. 

Matter Management

Everything you need to manage your practice, all on one legal technology platform.



Simple for Lawyers

Created by lawyers who understand what attorneys really need, the SimpleLaw platform connects you with potential clients on the same platform where your cases and practice are managed. With a robust practice management toolbox and seamless integration with a few select providers, increase the efficiency of your firm. Simple.

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